Lift & Shift


An economical, fine textured, downward accessible, lift and shift, concealed suspension ceiling system

Performance: light reflectance EUROMAT White = LR 92.5, 1" NRC = 1.00, 2" NRC = 1.05, ASTM E84 Class A - Flame Spread 20 - Smoke Developed 30, heavy duty suspension

Application: for those projects that need the premium, fine textured look of drywall, excellent sound control, excellent light reflectance and frequent access but cannot accept the look of exposed grid

Construction: LIFT & SHIFT acoustical panels are fabricated from impact resistant 1" x 6 pcf fiberglass cores with 1/4" reveal between square edges and fully upholstered in EUROMAT for the look of drywall. The panel backs can be sealed with a foil backed vapor barrier. Suspension is provided by heavy duty, concealed 15/16" main tees, cross tees and/or stabilizer bars

Options: field or factory cutouts, field or factory fabricated perimeter panels, foil backed vapor barrier

Edge: 1/4" reveal, square, hardened

Shape: square, rectangular

Size: complete custom size capabilities in panels up to 48" x 48" and planks up to 30" x 120"

Configuration: flat, inclined, wall to wall, floating

Finish: available in standard EUROMAT, fine textured, white finish, in a complete range of standard and custom colors, EUROMATALLIC metallic colors, breathable fabrics and OMNOVA vinyls plus complete custom fabric capabilities


Description (hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
1" fiberglass with Euromat 0.56 0.93 0.96 1.01 1.12 1.20 1.00

Tested per ASTM C-423 in a type E mounting