Today's rapidly evolving technologies provide unlimited capabilities to print images on our ceiling and wall system. Just let us know what you are trying to achieve and we will respond with a solutions that meets your requirements

We start with a fabric designed for dye sublimation with the following features:

  • Green
    • 100% recyclable fabric
    • Water based dyes and pigments
    • Transfer paper is recycled
  • ASTM E 84 Class A
  • Image transfer at 385-400 degrees, 35 psi for 30 seconds
  • Ceiling and wall murals can be any size using a combination of panels to achieve the desired results with a maximum panel limit of 48" x 120"
  • HD image quality
  • Acoustically transparent

To ensure the highest quality output, please keep the following guidelines in mind when submitting artwork. It is left to our discretion to determine whether supplied artwork is of sufficient quality - artwork of insufficient quality may incur additional production time and/or cost Vector Artwork

  • In general, submitting vector-based artwork allows us to achieve the best results. Examples of common vector artwork file types include Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) and Portable Document Format (.pdf). Supplied files should be in one of these formats if possible Non-Vector (Raster) Artwork
  • If vector artwork is not available or inapplicable (ie. photograph-based imagery, etc.), supplied images should have a minimum resolution of 100ppi at print size. Native files are preferred (for example, layered Photoshop files - .psd or .tif) rather than flattened or compressed files such as .jpeg

Color Matching

  • If your artwork requires color matching, please provide specific Pantone numbers for us to match. We cannot guarantee exact matching but will choose the closest achievable color


  • All fonts used in supplied artwork should be converted to outlines.

Keep these requirements in mind to ensure smooth production and the highest quality output. Remember: it is in all of our best interests to work with the highest quality artwork possible - it simply makes for a better final product