To actively review and develop products and manufacturing processes that are environmentally sensitive.

  • Focus on reducing our environmental footprint
  • Help our community, customers, clients and suppliers reduce their environmental footprint
  • Provide safe workplace
  • Be prepared for environmental emergencies
  • Reduce waste and encourage recycling


  • Developed a water based edge hardening system to replace the industry standard epoxy resin system
  • Developed a soft edge system that replaced over 50% of the hardened edge production
  • Developed a fiberglass welding (lamination) system to fuse fiberglass panels together
  • Developed the Impalit mounting system to reduce the metal required to hang acoustical panels
  • Developed the Euromat finish to optimize light reflectance
  • Focus on increased recycling results to keep our scrap to less than 0.25%
  • Converted to HVLP spray systems to minimize over spray
  • Converted our packaging from new wooden crates to recycled crates produced from recycled pallets for our suppliers and recycled particle board from local cabinet manufacturers